Marinduquena International Manpower Services, Inc.

“The house-of-dreams”!

Dreams are that finishing touch that makes this manpower services a room feel complete and inviting. An international recruitment industry uniquely positioned taking the advantage in its services aiming to challenge it labour market as it diverts into a more productive workforce value.

Marinduquena is designed to conquer and extent its offices in no limit partly in GCC (Gulf Course Countries and a pathfinder in an open doors to its neighbouring countries as well to its native Asian territories. The Team and Management diminish poor work efficiencies and exert a win-win situation adhering a good “employer-employee “relationship.

Marinduquena is fast and growing recruitment servicing abides to substantiate its integrity of commitment to efficiency in manpower internationally. Its operation depends on a large extent to the interaction between team-management and to its job-hunters. The team and management assure that every single detail and every single piece of document are in order and well-organized securely kept in file. The team and management consecutively at physical and mechanical ability to comply on its job assigned efficiently serving every job-hunters with its full dedication, courteous, integrity and God-fearing.

Marinduquena International Manpower Services, Inc. is your home, filed with HOPE and DREAMS, and it will always be a comforting hopeful place to start its workforce’ dream, work and live.

Join us and as we conquer the world of NON-EMPLOYMENT and be the TOP IN RECRUITMENT INDUSTRY!


The President ( a story behind success , integrity and God-fearing)

A good example of someone overwhelmed by life. She’s friendly and caring, always taking the time to listen to everyone’s problem. But lately, she finds herself drained by the experienced. At times, as she lies awake at night, unable to sleep, her mind races back overall the things she needed to get done at right that day, at times, she lies there wrestling with possible solutions to give a hand.

In between these over controlling feelings and emotions, she remain overwhelmed holding a tight rein on any expression of its feelings attempting to carefully control everything that goes on around her. The President is most interested in different projects, starting them with enthusiasm seeing anything through to completion at its best most of it.

She longs for an effective way to organize things in order as well as to her life. She quoted and believed; “Attitude is everything”. It is what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. And it’s easy to see in other people. But it is not always easy to reorganize when your own attitude needs adjustments, or to know how to change it!